Nagios Core v4.1.1

Ok, so this shit is kinda getting on my nerves.
I have been fucking around with the configuration files
for some time now and i just cant seem to get ahold of things.

So, after researching solutions for adding hosts, changing different types
of configurations and so on i have found something called ..

I will give you a status report eventually.

Debian with OpenBox Desktop!

I have now converted a few of my VPS’ into full blown
desktop servers running with OpenBox Desktop environments..

But ive run into a few snags..
Which File Manager should i use?
Will they handle a full cloud sync app?

Installing OpenBox Desktop Environment in Debian

apt-get install network-manager
apt-get install xorg openbox xdm
apt-get install xbacklight pcmanfm lxappearance lxpanel gmrun gnome-terminal

When these packages are installed, pico /etc/xdm/openbox/autostart
and add this line to the bottom: lxpanel &

The XNet IRC Network Reconfigured!

Now also finally utilizing all domain names…
1. / 6667 / 6679 (SSL)
2. / 6667 / 6697 (SSL)
3. / 6667 / 6697 (SSL) IPv6 Ready!
4. / 6667 / 6697 (SSL) IPv6 Ready!
All 4 servers are accepting SSL connections.
Only & is IPv6 ready..
We are still working on linking IPv6 IRC servers..

We have done a range of different stress tests..
Tested our new passwords.. Everything is running smooth!

But missing a few registered IPs..
And a Web Chat plugin.. But this is coming!

Network Reconfigured!

Finally i got the time to reconfigure some of the most essential parts of
my network, in order to do my whole network eventually.. 🙂

New and improved Database Server.
This website along with all of the other projects im hosting
SQL databases for were all being dragged down because the database
server was running slow because of all the queries, but was also being
slow generally because of a small misconfiguration in which i should
have used a different set of installation scripts and configure the
DNS a little bit different but this is all running smoothly now!

New Faster Webserver.
If you haven’t noticed yet .. This servers speed has been increased by
atleast 5 times faster than the original VPS i was running this website on..
Also included IPv6, so it doesnt matter if you run IPv6 or IPv4 anymore.

New Application Server.
Ok, i run a range of different application do to my everyday stuff.
But i finally found one that was extremely easy to configure..
Y U NO HOST? Is kinda their name! visit:

New Personal Plex Media Servers.
I have 3 Small TEST Plex Media Servers running..
I will use them as network mapped drives so i can find
folders in my WD My Cloud.. This is a fairly easy setup!

Updated & Upgraded VPN Servers.
Yes, both my VPN for phone (everyday) and my VPN for laptop
(public cafe, pubs, diners, trains and kiosks) usage is finally updated
too running latest of OpenVPN, OpenSSL and Fail2Ban just in case.

BlackBox is Reconfigured.
BlackBox is even more confused as to where it is itself.. Thanks! 🙂