Ventura Himself
by far my biggest project with a long shot!
5 domain names, both locally and externally..
Two official websites and more coming.

The XNet IRC Network
TXIN is a small group of technology and computer enthusiasts who share
the same interest in computers, coding and hosting services.
We have one simple goal, world domination.. nothing less..
Im currently running 12 dedicated VPS running CPU miner scripts.
This site works only as a IP lookup and showoff site.

VDMX Developers
VDMX Devs is a small group of developers who do shit with
ninjas, lazers and shit you wouldnt even understand.
NemiRobot is inspired by Nemi.
A Staffordshire Bullterrier breed living in Oslo.
NemiRobot is an automated bot who lives in your social network.
Dont be shy, say “Hello..!” 🙂