Ventura Himself
by far my biggest project with a long shot!
5 domain names, both locally and externally..
Two official websites and more coming.

Ventura Private Wiki
Is where i keep most of my information about how
im running my networks and a few tutorials i have added.

Ventura Torrent Seedbox
This is my way of giving back to the Linux & Unix
Community.. Haven’t set up a website yet, sorry!

NTWRK Think Tank (Discord)
We have our own Discord server for discussing different
topics in technology and computers in general..
This is an Invite to this Discord.

Ventura XMR Miners
I have 12 VPS’ running their CPUs 85% at all time.
These generates some funds in cryptocurrency..
Haven’t set up a website yet, sorry!

VDMX Developers
VDMX Devs is a small group of developers who do shit with
ninjas, lazers and shit you wouldnt even understand.

Social Media Bots
Small AI Bots running scripts on social networks.
Some posts updates and news, some talk to eachother..