Upgrading my servers!

Since 2012 i have been using OpenVZ Virtualization for my rented VPS’ around the globe.
I have decided to upgrade my servers so i dont have to run as many as i do..
Thats a lot easier said than done, unfortunately!

But i can handle it!

This website and several others will be moved to a much larger server located in Amsterdam..
This is a much larger web server which is capable of handling several websites of mine!
This transition will happen within New Year 2019, but some delays may occur!

Im truly sorry for the inconvenience!

Cloudflare DNS

All my servers are now running Cloudflares DNS!
This is not something that would affect the websites
running on this very same server, but it has improved
the overall experience of the websites.. Exponentially!!

I would deeply recommend to change your DNS resolver right away.

Windows 10:
1. Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel.
2. Click on Network and Internet.
3. Click on Change Adapter Settings.
4. Right click on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, then click Properties.
5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (or Version 6 if desired).
6. Click Properties.
7. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference.
8. Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses.
9. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses:
For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001
10. Click OK, then Close.
11. Restart your browser.

You’re all set!

1. Click the Applications icon on the left menu bar.
2. Click Settings, then Network.
3. Find your internet connection on the right pane, then click the gear icon.
4. Click the IPv4 or IPv6 tab to view your DNS settings.
5. Set the “Automatic” toggle on the DNS entry to Off.
For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001
6. Click Apply, then restart your browser.

You’re all set!

It’s been a while…

Sorry for not posting anything lately..
I have been busy with other projects such as:

VenturaWiki (ventura.pw)
I will keep a record of most of my servers and services.

Slaughterous & Victorious (Personal Servers)
I will use these for all my IRC connections and bots.

WSUS-X Webhotels.
I’m serving several websites through these webservers.

BlodPose is back!

Ok, it hasnt been away for much time, atleast not on Twitter..
It just tanked 30K automated tweets, just as this post were written.

It has been paused on Instagram for almost 2 months due to server issues.
But i managed to repair the server and its now back up and running.

I have been researching how to get the blue star verification..
Will keep you updated on the latest! 🙂

Official Seedbox!

I’ve been running this Seedbox for a while..
arutnev.cf is running Transmission and seeding these ISOs.

List of Torrents:
1. Debian-9.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso [torrent]
2. FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso [magnet]

I will add more torrents soon.. 🙂

NTWRK.GQ Discord!

We have been running The XNet IRC Network since late 2010..
With slowly decreasing users each year..
This made us rethink the whole purpose of running our own IRC Network.

So we made the transition into Discord.

Please feel free to join our Discord Server.. 🙂

Graphical Network Simulator 3

Graphical Network Simulator-3 (shortened to GNS3) is a network software emulator first released in 2008. It allows the combination of virtual and real devices, used to simulate complex networks.
It uses Dynamips emulation software to simulate Cisco IOS.

GNS3 is used by many large companies including Exxon, Walmart, AT&T and NASA, and is also popular for preparation of network professional certification exams.
As of 2015, the software has been downloaded 11 million times.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphical_Network_Simulator-3